Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Leaf~

ehehe.. tajuk ta bleyh blah....

ta de ah, sbnarnye nk cter yg aq ni da abis SPM.. yuhuu!
dulu, mase aq wat exam (cewahh~) rase cm nk abis cepat je.. ari ni.. 8 Dec 09, tarikh yg aq tnggu2 da tibe, tapi.. mlng nye, aq ta rse brsmngat pon.. ntah la.. pikir ape nk wat pasni, takan nk lekat pnggung kat laptop je.. huhhu.. dgn semangat  yg mmbara tepat pukul 3.30pm (abis je paper Chems3), aq decide nk g keje.. eheee!

bkn keje ape pon, aq amik borng kt 7E n McD, (kpd pnduduk2 EQUINE, prtghn bulan ni aq keje kat sane!) hihi.. interview pon blom g da pasan lbeyh. huuhu.. mngikut perasaan aq, nk je aq kje kat due2 tmpt tu.. ala! tmpat tu sblah2 je kot.. hihi.. jgn tkjut lak nmpk byng aq kat due2 tmpt tu nnti.. ^^

hah... .ehh, citer sal keje ni ape ke-hey?
nk tnye.. kowg g mane2 cuti ni?
daku skluarge kluar g penang.. yipee! ni la 1st time kitowg kuar ke pulau2 brdkatan.. huhu.. sedeyh tak? (join la nanges same~ (Y-Y)
hihihi, tapi kali ni trip ni mmg bes ah, 1st kitowg singgah kat SUNGKAI,
(kalo ta tao, KL - Sungkai amik mase 1 jam je) dkt2 ngn perak..

ta jauh, n bes..! BERBALOI3!

ehh, Tari Tirana dah start! au revoir!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Story With No Ending~

LOL.. haha~

huwm, today.. {aiyo! forgot what to type in~}

huh! that's y i randomly post new blog.. cuz i always forget what am i going to type in it~

....... {shrikk~}

ahh, forget bout it la~ hmmmph..

trial is just around the corner. yet, i still manage to post new blog?

uhuhuhu.. no wonder i got CCCC,DDDD,EEEE.. {uupps~} hihi.. =p (tell nobody!~)

hey, u guys selected for the PLKN training or not? well, i GOT it! and i know this will sound weird but, I'M EXCITED to GO! haha.. Melanie and Sulin got it too.. But I'm not sure if they want to go or not~hope they go..

huwm, prom.. another thing that always think bout..

i don't think there's prom for seniors this year~
{sad.. =( }

Sunday, July 26, 2009




thnx 4 viewing my blog~

hah! lege nye rase, blog kitorg {sulin, amal, melanie & ME} da ciap!


happy3.. so, if u guys want to check out our blog, here's our blog..

we talk bout school, secrets and stuffs..

and, if ade pape, juz leave us a comment n we'll reply back~

Friday, March 13, 2009


uwm... today.. bru abis test~ gler best..haha~ buleyh nengok tB.. =)

Hah!~ pade kmoo2 sumer~~~
pade 17 ni, aq n dak2 klas ade kat sunwy lagoon.. ade event 4 dak2 klas..

dtg ah kalo buleyh.. tgh dlm 'mission' crik kwn bru nieyh.. hikhikhik..

kitowg mybe ade kt sne dlm kul 10 kowt~

so.. tggu je ah. klao anmpk dak2 naek bus 2 tau2 je la kitwg dlm tue. hihiihi

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


o... m... g....

i can't believe school open just around the corner..

haih.. there is so much thing that i have'nt prepare yet..

including MYSELF~!

hah... =(..

Plus, the sadest part is, my mom will take my phone after school's open..


my mom wants me to focus more to study this 09' year..

yelah.. im taking SPM this year.. my mom would'nt let me fooling around on this time..

and when i think about it deeply, it's kinda good for me tho'...

i mean, for my future laa...

huwm.. enough bout me..


Sunday, October 26, 2008


i'm stuck between 2 guys that i like n love...

what 2 do la weyh..

this 1 guy a.k.a (A) = (my bf) = love me so much...

the other guy (B)= i like him... (my cuzen angkt)


(A) always msg me n all things.. now, he started to ignore me... n alwayz telling me that he doesn't have credit to text n call me... HAiZz!

(B) he's ok.... he call n text me... huwm.....

do i have to ignore (A) and go to (B) or what?...

haish! helwp!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

1 , 2 , 3 Happy Raye...


yyeah2.. raye..

ehehhe.. besh nye rye.. dpt mamam.. dpt duet.. dpt ilex... sume dpt..

dpt jmpe cuzen.. yes.. my mission is over after seeing my cousin after this..

ehehe... but...

after 1 week of happy raye..

it's time 4 my, Happy EXAM day...!

gosh!.. im dead.. my results gonna be in red and blue pen la weyh..

all m y science subject defenitely gonna be red.. n get lucky if i get blue..

aiyoo.. one week to happy and studying..

how come la weyh??? can't do it la..

sob3.. =(